Choosing the Right Floor Plan: A New Home Guide

The thought of selecting a floor plan for your dream home excites most people. It sounds exciting and easy. However, once people start surfing the web or floor plan books, they begin to become overwhelmed with the numerous options and variety of plans. Knowing what to look for can help you succeed when selecting the right floor plan for your new home.

Before choosing a house plan, we suggest that you ask yourself a number of lifestyle and living needs questions. Is there adequate room in your house plan? Will you need guestrooms for overnight guests? What about additional living space in the future to possibly care for elderly parents or grandchildren? How do you plan to entertain? Do you want a formal dining room and traditional living room for large, formal entertaining, or do you prefer small, relaxed family get-togethers? Think about the time you presently spend in certain rooms in your home and why.

When looking at house plans, consider work space areas. Where would you prefer the laundry room be located, and how large a space will you need? Do you have any hobbies or special interests that might require additional space or room? Will you have a need for a large workroom for messy or noisy projects? Do you enjoy gardening? You may want to include a mud room or utility room with a half bath for quick and easy cleanup. Are you a “pack-rat” who needs lots of attic or storage space to store your treasures?

Furnishings and aesthetics play a very big role in selecting the right plan. Will the floor plan of your new home plan accommodate your existing or new furniture arrangements and furniture styles? When planning room sizes, carefully consider the seating areas and how furniture placement will affect the overall feel of the room. Does it provide enough wall space, nooks, and areas for art and personal keepsakes? Consider the natural “traffic flow” of the house plan, the interior views from each room of the home, as well as how natural lighting can be shared and utilized within the home.

There are a great many things to consider when building; however, builder Jenny Blalock's specialty is helping to take the stress out of the process and making your dream home a reality. At Luxe Homes and Design, we style your home around your life. We work with you to decide which floor plan is right for you, your family, and your lifestyle. We help you figure out what design will work best to create the home of your dreams. Jenny is there with you during each step of the process to help refine your options that meet your budget.

So don’t think of the building process as stressful or overwhelming. Think of it as an expression of your unique personality and lifestyle. It truly can be an exciting experience and very rewarding through the entire process, and what can be better than that? All you need is an experienced partner. Contact Luxe Homes and Design for a no cost, no obligation consultation on your dream home today!Anchor